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printing art(3)

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Embossing is the use of metal rollers for engraving the texture to leave a full version of the texture on the surface of the paper.

Die cutting is a cutting process for post-processing of printed matter. The die-cutting process can make printed matter or other paper products into a die-cutting blade for cutting according to the pre-designed graphics, so that the shape of the printed matter is no longer limited to straight The sides are at right angles.

It is suitable for products that use more than 150g paper as raw materials, and try to avoid patterns and lines that are close to the tangent line.

Laminating refers to the use of transparent plastic film to be attached to the surface of printed matter through hot pressing to protect and increase gloss.

paper machine

Laminating film has been widely used in book covers, picture albums, memorial albums, postcards, product manuals, wall calendars and maps for surface binding and protection. At present, common film-coated packaging products include cartons, cartons, handbags, fertilizer bags, seed bags, and self-adhesive labels.

Screen printing is to place silk fabrics and synthetic fiber fabrics on the screen frame, and use hand-carved paint film or photochemical plate making methods to make screen printing plates.

Modern screen printing technology uses photosensitive materials to make a screen printing plate (make the screen holes of the graphic part of the screen printing plate through holes, and the screen holes of the non-graphic part are blocked. Live) Oil paintings, prints, posters, business cards, bound covers, commodity packaging, commodity signs, printed and dyed textiles, glass and metal and other plane carriers. The screen printing process equipment is simple, easy to operate, simple printing and plate making, low cost, and strong adaptability.

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