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printing art(2)

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UV printing is a printing process that uses ultraviolet light to dry and cure inks. It requires the ink containing a photosensitizer to be matched with a UV curing lamp. The application of UV printing is one of the most important content in the printing industry.

Ultraviolet glazing, UV is abbreviation, it depends on ultraviolet radiation to dry and cure ink. UV is usually a silk screen printing process, and now there is also offset printing UV. If you use the film and then pass the UV, you need to use a special UV film, otherwise the UV is easy to fall off, blistering and other phenomena, and the effect of special processes such as bumping and hot stamping is better.

Features: Wide application range, high gloss effect, and sometimes a comprehensive effect of anti-scratch and anti-scratch performance. Varnishing with various special functions, tactility and special graphic surface treatment. It has high surface resistance (anti-friction and scratching), especially for packaging and publication covers. Speed up the completion of jobs, especially short-run jobs, because UV printing can be processed immediately in many occasions.

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Imprinting is to place a sheet between the upper and lower molds, change the thickness of the material under pressure, and fill the convex and concave parts of the mold cavity with undulating fine lines with the extruded material. A printing process in which undulations and swelling and characters or patterns are formed on the surface of the workpiece.

Convex is the use of a convex template to emboss the surface of the printed product into a three-dimensional relief-like pattern (the print is partially convex to make it three-dimensional and cause visual impact.) It is called convex; it can increase the three-dimensional sense. It needs to be made on paper of more than 200g and high-weight special paper with obvious mechanism.

Indentation is the use of a concave template to emboss the surface of a printed matter into a depression-like relief pattern (the printed matter is partially recessed to make it three-dimensional and cause visual impact.) It can also increase the three-dimensional feeling. Convex the same. Both embossing and embossing can be matched with hot stamping, local UV and other processes.

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