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Daily maintenance points of hydraulic paper cutter(2)

(3) Selection of hydraulic oil1. The suitable environment for the machine to work is 5-35℃;2. Use oil temperature of 10-65℃.When the conditions do not meet the above requirements, the hydraulic oil used in the hydraulic tank should be selected with different viscosity hydraulic oils according to the

11/ 03 / 2020
The elements that should be paid attention to when choosing a fully automatic folding machine

The diameter of the glue dot of the automatic paper folding machine should be half of the pad spacing, and the glue dot diameter of the automatic paper folding machine should be 1.5 times the diameter of the glue dot after patching. In this way, it can ensure that there is sufficient glue to bond th

07/ 06 / 2021
The introduction of folding machine

The folding machine is mainly used for the folding of various sizes and thicknesses of paper within the design range, and is suitable for mass folding of fast printing centers, manufacturers, official documents, and business letters.Folding machines are modern printing equipment that accompanies the

07/ 02 / 2021
What are the main factors affecting the life of the paper cutter blade

The printing industry, packaging industry, and the use of paper cutters provide greater cutting accuracy. Automatic paper cutters, CNC paper cutters and program-controlled paper cutters are widely used in various paper cutter related industries. Let me introduce to you the main factors affecting the life of the paper cutter blade!

06/ 17 / 2021
Precautions for safe use of paper cutter

The paper cutter is a product with a high level of intelligence and digitization. The market share is extremely high. According to paper cutter manufacturers, with the prosperity of the printing and packaging industry in recent years, the market demand for paper cutters has greatly increased. Paper cutter manufacturers continue to innovate and bring forth the new.

06/ 16 / 2021

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