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Interpretation of printing and coating process(3)

There are many types of varnishes, but the commonly used varnishes can be roughly divided into three categories: oily varnishes, water-based varnishes and UV varnishes. According to the actual application trend of glazing oil and the improvement of environmental protection requirements, the use of o

11/ 05 / 2021
Interpretation of printing and coating process(2)

With the economic exchanges and cooperation of various countries, a considerable number of printing and packaging companies in the coastal and inland areas have foreign orders. Western countries have high requirements for environmental protection, and pollution-free water-based glazing and UV glazin

11/ 02 / 2021
Interpretation of printing and coating process(1)

Embossing is the use of metal rollers for engraving the texture to leave a full version of the texture on the surface of the paper.Die cutting is a cutting process for post-processing of printed matter. The die-cutting process can make printed matter or other paper products into a die-cutting blade

10/ 29 / 2021
How to improve the cutting quality of paper cutter

With the rapid development of pre-press and printing technology and equipment, people began to turn their attention to post-press, and gradually formed new development hotspots. Today, digitalization and networking are developing extremely rapidly. In post-press processing equipment, the quality of paper cutting machines is particularly noticeable. The following is a summary of several factors that affect the cutting quality of the paper cutter:

07/ 28 / 2021

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