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Die cutting and creasing after printing

The die-cutting process is a molding process in which a die-cutting knife is combined into a die-cutting plate according to the pattern required by the product design. Under pressure, the printed matter or other plate-like materials are bundled into the desired shape and cut. The indentation process

08/ 10 / 2021
Basic knowledge about book binding

Book binding is the general term for the process of processing printed sheets into books. Binding is the overall operating process of a book from collating to the top cover forming, including the processing procedures of sorting, connecting, sewing, backing, and top cover of the printed pages in ord

08/ 06 / 2021
Key Points for Quality Control of Cover Film of Books and Magazines(2)

5. Temperature and humidity controlThe environment temperature and humidity change greatly, and the paper absorbs moisture to produce "fluffy edges". The paper is easy to wrinkle when laminating, and the temperature and humidity should be kept in balance. If the heating roller temperature is too hig

02/ 03 / 2021
Key Points for Quality Control of Cover Film of Books and Magazines(1)

Products that are coated on the surface of printed materials such as book and magazine covers often appear dark, blistering, and wrinkling. Now talk about the handling of common problems in operation.1. temperature controlIn the rainy or rainy season, if the temperature is not adjusted properly, the

01/ 28 / 2021

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