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Application of wireless offset machines in quick print shops(1)

The "Industrial Revolution" in the printing industry was the change from lead printing to laser phototypesetting at the end of the last century. This was followed by the mushrooming of large and small print centres, typesetting companies, printing companies and graphic shops, forming another branch

11/ 19 / 2021
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Do you know how to use your adhesive binding machine well?

I believe that many people in the daily use of adhesive binding machines, will encounter some problems and thus affect the production efficiency. In fact, many times it is ignored some basic operational needs or details are not done.1, the input production size to be accurate, the machine displays a

11/ 09 / 2021
Problems caused by improper vacuuming of the gluing machine and routine maintenance

In the process of using the wireless binding machine, milling back hair is a very critical process, but milling back will produce paper dust, so the binding machine in daily use should pay attention to the maintenance of the machine to ensure the normal operation of the dust discharge system, if the

11/ 06 / 2020
Application and Development of Digital Post(1)

As a new technology in the printing industry, digital post-press has received continuous attention from printing companies and brand owners in recent years, and the industry’s awareness of digital post-press continues to increase. Since the digital post-press equipment with hot stamping components w

09/ 14 / 2021
Nine elements of on-demand binding(2)

FoldingLayout design is the key. Most binding methods have defined margin sizes suitable for their binding methods. Of course, for some carefully designed products or products with more complicated die-cutting procedures, the folding rules can be adjusted. A small change in layout design can turn hi

09/ 10 / 2021
What should I do if the die-cutting accuracy is low, the burst line, and the indentation line run out?(2)

In addition, when die-cutting hard packs of cigarettes, due to the close distance between the indentation lines in many positions, if the height of the indentation steel wire is configured according to the normal situation, the tension on the paper during the molding will be too large, which will al

08/ 27 / 2021

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