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Solutions to common problems of wireless glue binding

Some problems will be caused after the wireless glue installation. Today, I will talk about the solutions to these problems. 1. After the book is glued, the inner pages are simply separated and scattered, the cover is not firmly bonded or the thickness of the glue is uneven.

05/ 14 / 2021
Pay attention to the problem of binding books with perfect binding machine

Binding factories often have both iron wire flat binding and wireless perfect binding (such as discs wrapped by this machine). These two processes are arranged before encapsulation, and the process flow of folding → bundling → waxing → collating → bundling → brushing and dividing → encapsulation is naturally formed.

07/ 30 / 2021
Problems that should be paid attention to in digital printing laminating, binding and cutting(6)

Although the stitch binding method has good binding firmness, its binding is time-consuming and costly. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully design and arrange the printing work at the beginning to ensure the harmony of printing and post-press processing. Pay attention to the following issues in

03/ 12 / 2021
How to clean the hot melt adhesive of the glue machine

Friends who have used the glue binding machine should know that in the process of using the glue binding machine, there will often be a lot of hot melt glue on the glue binding machine. With the increase of hot melt glue, the work efficiency of the glue binding machine will be more and more reduced.

02/ 05 / 2021
Glue Binding Machine.jpg
Samsmoon global official website launched today!

Samsmoon global official website launched today!When will the moon be bright and clear?If you asked Chinese friends,they will say it’s in Middle Autumn Festival.Today is a special day for Chinese,China's National Day comes across with Middle Autumn Festival.Coincidentally, the global official websit

10/ 01 / 2020

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