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How to use digital post-press equipment?(1)

What is the original intention of buying digital post-press equipment? What benefits can digital post-press equipment bring to printing enterprises? "This is a topic that many colleagues in the industry care about, and I have also consulted some decision makers in Indian companies on this issue. In

09/ 23 / 2021
Application and Development of Digital Post(3)

There are risks in any investment. It is generally difficult for companies purchasing digital post-press equipment to achieve a balance of income and expenditures within six months of purchase. This is because the company's own technical team has learned and digested new technologies, the sales team

09/ 20 / 2021
Application and Development of Digital Post(2)

Third, the performance of embossing is also different from traditional methods. The embossing using digital post-printing technology is a solidified stack of inks. There is no depression on the reverse side of the printed sheet, and the hardness after UV curing is high. This advantage is that for gr

09/ 16 / 2021
Application and Development of Digital Post(1)

As a new technology in the printing industry, digital post-press has received continuous attention from printing companies and brand owners in recent years, and the industry’s awareness of digital post-press continues to increase. Since the digital post-press equipment with hot stamping components w

09/ 14 / 2021

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