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Do you know how to use your adhesive binding machine well?

I believe that many people in the daily use of adhesive binding machines, will encounter some problems and thus affect the production efficiency. In fact, many times it is ignored some basic operational needs or details are not done.1, the input production size to be accurate, the machine displays a

11/ 09 / 2021
What should I do if the die-cutting accuracy is low, the burst line, and the indentation line run out?(2)

In addition, when die-cutting hard packs of cigarettes, due to the close distance between the indentation lines in many positions, if the height of the indentation steel wire is configured according to the normal situation, the tension on the paper during the molding will be too large, which will al

08/ 27 / 2021
What should I do if the die-cutting accuracy is low, the burst line, and the indentation line run out?(1)

In the carton die-cutting process, common problems include poor die-cutting accuracy, die-cutting burst lines, indentation line running, die-cutting fluffing and dusting. What are the reasons for these problems? How to improve and solve the problem?Die cutting accuracy is not highReason: The hand-ma

08/ 20 / 2021
Solutions to common problems of wireless glue binding

Some problems will be caused after the wireless glue installation. Today, I will talk about the solutions to these problems. 1. After the book is glued, the inner pages are simply separated and scattered, the cover is not firmly bonded or the thickness of the glue is uneven.

05/ 14 / 2021
Pay attention to the problem of binding books with perfect binding machine

Binding factories often have both iron wire flat binding and wireless perfect binding (such as discs wrapped by this machine). These two processes are arranged before encapsulation, and the process flow of folding → bundling → waxing → collating → bundling → brushing and dividing → encapsulation is naturally formed.

07/ 30 / 2021
Problems that should be paid attention to in digital printing laminating, binding and cutting(5)

In wireless glue binding, some books or brochures sometimes have pages falling. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, including glue and machine.The perfect binders used by digital printers generally include milling, gluing, and covering. Some cheap perfect binders do not have the process of m

03/ 09 / 2021

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