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Application of wireless offset machines in quick print shops(2)

The impact of the gluing device on the quality of the printNow the time concept of the graphic shop is to live pieces immediately, such efficient requirements, must require fast binding speed and good quality, Korea TACHOPLUS company's pneumatic wireless gluing machine unique single splint design, s

11/ 23 / 2021
Definition and characteristics of an adhesive binding machine

A normal gluing machine uses liquid glue as the adhesive.Detailed processThe semi-finished book stickers are bundled, a certain number of book stickers are placed on the bundling machine one, the two ends are blocked against with a board fast, the bundling machine is switched on and the loose book s

11/ 12 / 2021
print paper.jpg
Do you know how to use your adhesive binding machine well?

I believe that many people in the daily use of adhesive binding machines, will encounter some problems and thus affect the production efficiency. In fact, many times it is ignored some basic operational needs or details are not done.1, the input production size to be accurate, the machine displays a

11/ 09 / 2021
Problems caused by improper vacuuming of the gluing machine and routine maintenance

In the process of using the wireless binding machine, milling back hair is a very critical process, but milling back will produce paper dust, so the binding machine in daily use should pay attention to the maintenance of the machine to ensure the normal operation of the dust discharge system, if the

11/ 06 / 2020
How to maintain the folding machine

Folding machine is one of the main post-press equipment for book and newspaper processing. It is a machine that folds large printed sheets into signatures according to certain specifications. The folding machine is a modern printing equipment produced with the modern printing industry, and has becom

06/ 29 / 2021
Analysis and troubleshooting of common failures of folding machines(2)

2. Paper feeding is skewed or broken①Cause: The suction volume of the paper separating nozzle and the paper delivery roller is insufficient, causing sheet leakage.Elimination method: appropriately increase the air volume of the paper separating nozzle and the paper delivery roller according to the p

06/ 25 / 2021

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