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Application of wireless offset machines in quick print shops(1)

The "Industrial Revolution" in the printing industry was the change from lead printing to laser phototypesetting at the end of the last century. This was followed by the mushrooming of large and small print centres, typesetting companies, printing companies and graphic shops, forming another branch

11/ 19 / 2021
A brief analysis of the factors influencing the cutting quality of paper cutting machines

A normal gluing machine uses liquid glue as the adhesive.Detailed processThe semi-finished book stickers are bundled, a certain number of book stickers are placed on the bundling machine one, the two ends are blocked against with a board fast, the bundling machine is switched on and the loose book s

11/ 16 / 2021
What are the main factors affecting the life of the paper cutter blade

The printing industry, packaging industry, and the use of paper cutters provide greater cutting accuracy. Automatic paper cutters, CNC paper cutters and program-controlled paper cutters are widely used in various paper cutter related industries. Let me introduce to you the main factors affecting the life of the paper cutter blade!

06/ 17 / 2021
paper cutter.jpg
Daily maintenance points of hydraulic paper cutter(1)

Daily maintenance points of hydraulic paper cutter(1)In order to ensure the normal operation of the paper cutter, reduce the movement friction, maintain the accuracy of the machine, and prolong the service life, the machine must be used rationally, the moving parts must be regularly and systematical

10/ 30 / 2020

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