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Common problems and functions of die-cutting indentation in the printing industry(4)

Irregular indentation lineThe creasing line is the process of using steel wire to stamp out marks on the substrate to leave grooves that are conducive to bending. The main reason for the irregular indentation line is that the indentation groove on the steel wire pad is too wide, and the position of

07/ 23 / 2021
Common problems and functions of die-cutting indentation in the printing industry(3)

Burst lineWhen the steel wire of the creasing die is pressed into the groove, the cardboard is subjected to three kinds of forces: pressure, tension and surface tension. These three forces not only cause permanent deformation of the cardboard, but also reduce the cohesion between the fibers of the c

07/ 20 / 2021
Performance characteristics and precautions for use of automatic laminating machine

Fully automatic laminating machine, also known as thermoforming machine, is used in paint-free door panels because of its simple workflow and powerful functions. Now paint-free door panels are widely used. Therefore, in the increasingly demanding market, attention should be paid to the use of automatic laminating machines.

07/ 13 / 2021
Glue Binding Machine.jpg
Samsmoon global official website launched today!

Samsmoon global official website launched today!When will the moon be bright and clear?If you asked Chinese friends,they will say it’s in Middle Autumn Festival.Today is a special day for Chinese,China's National Day comes across with Middle Autumn Festival.Coincidentally, the global official websit

10/ 01 / 2020

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