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Application of wireless offset machines in quick print shops(2)

The impact of the gluing device on the quality of the printNow the time concept of the graphic shop is to live pieces immediately, such efficient requirements, must require fast binding speed and good quality, Korea TACHOPLUS company's pneumatic wireless gluing machine unique single splint design, s

11/ 23 / 2021
Application of wireless offset machines in quick print shops(1)

The "Industrial Revolution" in the printing industry was the change from lead printing to laser phototypesetting at the end of the last century. This was followed by the mushrooming of large and small print centres, typesetting companies, printing companies and graphic shops, forming another branch

11/ 19 / 2021
printing paper.jpg
Binding machine introduction(1)

The binding machine is a binding equipment that fixes paper, plastic, leather, etc. with staples, hot melt glue, nylon tube and other materials by mechanical means (manual or automatic, fully automatic). According to different purposes, it can be divided into industrial binding machines and civilian

08/ 31 / 2021
Problems that should be paid attention to in digital printing laminating, binding and cutting(6)

Although the stitch binding method has good binding firmness, its binding is time-consuming and costly. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully design and arrange the printing work at the beginning to ensure the harmony of printing and post-press processing. Pay attention to the following issues in

03/ 12 / 2021

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