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The printing press(2)

The invention of writing brush and ink made it possible for readers not only to read but also to write. It was not necessary to have an engraver on hand as in the days of knives and pens, and it was more convenient to record their thoughts. That is why, before the Spring and Autumn Period, although

11/ 18 / 2021
Common problems and functions of die-cutting indentation in the printing industry(7)

Third, the latest development of indentation technology1. The indentation process is more widely used. Thick paper folding, invitations, tickets, greeting cards, color laser prints, thick-medium inkjet prints, coupons, tickets, receipts and other traditional applications are more in-depth, and at th

08/ 03 / 2021
Common problems and functions of die-cutting indentation in the printing industry(6)

3. Adjust the height of the layout. For printed note products, as long as the front page of the letter is increased by 0.7mm, it can form a height difference with the dark mark page, which is convenient for the bright printing plate to receive ink, while the dark printing plate is lower than the cle

07/ 30 / 2021
Performance characteristics and precautions for use of automatic laminating machine

Fully automatic laminating machine, also known as thermoforming machine, is used in paint-free door panels because of its simple workflow and powerful functions. Now paint-free door panels are widely used. Therefore, in the increasingly demanding market, attention should be paid to the use of automatic laminating machines.

07/ 13 / 2021

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