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Analysis and troubleshooting of common failures of folding machines(2)

2. Paper feeding is skewed or broken①Cause: The suction volume of the paper separating nozzle and the paper delivery roller is insufficient, causing sheet leakage.Elimination method: appropriately increase the air volume of the paper separating nozzle and the paper delivery roller according to the p

06/ 25 / 2021
Analysis and troubleshooting of common failures of folding machines(1)

Folding machines are modern printing equipment that accompanies the modern printing industry. Modern printing plants usually include three processing steps: pre-press, printing, and post-press. The main carrier medium is paper. Due to the rise of packaging printing, in other material media, Such as

06/ 22 / 2021
How to improve the cutting quality of paper cutter

With the rapid development of pre-press and printing technology and equipment, people began to turn their attention to post-press, and gradually formed new development hotspots. Today, digitalization and networking are developing extremely rapidly. In post-press processing equipment, the quality of paper cutting machines is particularly noticeable. The following is a summary of several factors that affect the cutting quality of the paper cutter:

07/ 28 / 2021
glue binding machine.jpg
Problems that should be paid attention to in digital printing laminating, binding and cutting(7)

3. Cutting problemCutting is also an important aspect of digital printing post-press processing, first of all, paper cutting. Like traditional printing, digital printing also uses a paper cutter to cut the paper or finished product into the required size and shape. At present, there are various pape

03/ 15 / 2021
Glue Binding Machine.jpg
Samsmoon global official website launched today!

Samsmoon global official website launched today!When will the moon be bright and clear?If you asked Chinese friends,they will say it’s in Middle Autumn Festival.Today is a special day for Chinese,China's National Day comes across with Middle Autumn Festival.Coincidentally, the global official websit

10/ 01 / 2020

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