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Binding machine introduction(2)

The development direction of machine production in the later stages of the book production process. In the book production, there is an online linkage of printing and binding. In 1866, newspaper folding machines were used in conjunction with rotary printing presses. At the beginning of the 20th cent

09/ 03 / 2021
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Binding machine introduction(1)

The binding machine is a binding equipment that fixes paper, plastic, leather, etc. with staples, hot melt glue, nylon tube and other materials by mechanical means (manual or automatic, fully automatic). According to different purposes, it can be divided into industrial binding machines and civilian

08/ 31 / 2021
The introduction of folding machine

The folding machine is mainly used for the folding of various sizes and thicknesses of paper within the design range, and is suitable for mass folding of fast printing centers, manufacturers, official documents, and business letters.Folding machines are modern printing equipment that accompanies the

07/ 02 / 2021
How to maintain the folding machine

Folding machine is one of the main post-press equipment for book and newspaper processing. It is a machine that folds large printed sheets into signatures according to certain specifications. The folding machine is a modern printing equipment produced with the modern printing industry, and has becom

06/ 29 / 2021

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