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Which industries can the laminating machine be applied to?

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The laminating machine is a paint-free molding machine that uses vacuum suction, high and low pressure shocks to process the PVC film into the desired shape. Its products are widely used in various industries in life.

Manufacturing: the production of decorative three-dimensional relief patterns, plastic ceilings, wall panels, cabinet panels, and wardrobe panels.


Principle of laminating machine forming machine: blister forming is also called thermoplastic forming. The molding process mainly uses the vacuum suction force generated by the vacuum pump to thermally soften thermoplastic sheets such as PVC, pet transfer, PE, and PE agents through the mold to form various shapes of softening absorption, which has achieved the product beautification and decoration effect.

One of the new types of intelligent mobile heating laminating machine combines the advantages of major laminating machines. It completely subverts the expensive concept of positive and negative pressure, perfectly showing high and low pressure point shock, cold suction outside the warehouse, and intelligent mobile heating. To make the product more in place, zero breakage rate, zero discoloration, 100% film in place is a perfect model suitable for medium-sized enterprises.

The new equipment itself has an intelligent mobile heating system. The new intelligent mobile heating laminating machine also has the function of high and low pressure point shock absorption. It can complete the cold suction outside the warehouse, and then enter the warehouse at low temperature, and post-humanized intelligent mobile heating. 

At the same time, according to the thickness of the PVC film, it can automatically adjust the adsorption pressure, adsorption frequency, adsorption time, the adsorption temperature in the bin and the full-automatic function of the cooling temperature out of the bin, and automatically and independently zone heating, which can be selected according to different heating processes.


The finished product has clear shape, better adsorption, no discoloration at the edges, small stretch, no wrinkles at the corners, no deformation of the workpiece, and low film breakage rate. The heater adopts imported nickel-chromium wire heater, which greatly reduces the heating power and saves 30% of the electricity compared with ordinary laminating machines.

High-performance stepping system is used in and out of the warehouse with adjustable speed to ensure that the workpiece does not shift, the motor has a long service life, and the intelligent insulation system effectively reduces temperature loss. The 140 vacuum pump adopts a Sino-foreign joint venture brand. At the same time, it adopts automatic film cutting, automatic compression frame, automatic locking machine, and automatic cooling. It also replaces manual operation. The automatic cooling system has water and wind options.

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