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What to pay attention to when choosing a paper cutter

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The paper cutter is one of the indispensable equipment for graphic shops and paper mills. It is mainly responsible for the processing of paper products after printing. There are many paper cutter products on the market. We can choose suitable products by looking at the mechanical structure, work efficiency, cutting accuracy, and brand. When selecting, we must pay attention to issues such as safety and energy consumption comparison.


1. Look at the mechanical structure

The paper cutter has a variety of mechanical structures. The earliest mechanical paper cutter adopts a single guide rail structure, which is relatively simple in structure and convenient for debugging and maintenance. However, the cutting accuracy is poor and cannot meet the high-level printing requirements for paper cutting accuracy. , And can not meet the requirements of medium and high-end packaging and printing products.

At present, the mechanical structure of paper cutters on the market mainly has two types: double guide rail structure and dovetail groove structure. The paper cutter with double guide rail structure is very troublesome in adjusting the accuracy, but the accuracy is very high. The adjustment accuracy of the dovetail groove structure is simple and convenient, but it is easy to wear and needs to be replaced regularly. Consumers can choose a suitable product according to the actual situation.

2. Look at work efficiency

The higher the efficiency of the paper cutter, the more profit it can bring. At present, the computer-controlled paper cutter is better than the ordinary paper cutter. When the mechanical paper cutter and the hydraulic paper cutter perform forward and backward operations, Relying on buttons and handwheels to control, labor intensity is relatively large, relatively low efficiency.

3. Look at the cutting accuracy

Cutting accuracy is a question that consumers must consider when buying a paper cutter. While improving work efficiency, they should also cut paper with higher dimensional accuracy. At present, the paper cutter made of ball screw has the advantages of stable transmission and high positioning accuracy, and the accumulated error is greatly reduced. It does not need to adjust the movement gap after long-term use, and eliminates the use of ordinary guide rails in the past. After using for a period of time, due to the different degree of wear of the guide rail, the cutting accuracy is affected.

4. Look at the brand

The product quality of big brands is often guaranteed and the after-sales service is better. When choosing a paper cutter, pay attention to the comprehensive evaluation of the manufacturer's after-sales service, and an extended comparison of the quality of the manufacturer's products. A good manufacturer must consider whether it can be used in the distribution of after-sales service outlets. Customers get satisfactory service and technical support in the shortest time. Service quality from pre-sale, during-sale to after-sale is a concrete manifestation of the comprehensive capabilities of paper cutter manufacturers.


What should I pay attention to when choosing a paper cutter?

1. Security

The paper cutter is different from other mechanical products and belongs to a four-level risk machine tool with a very high risk level. When choosing a paper cutter product, you must focus on its safety and reliability. For example, whether the paper cutter of the paper cutter has an anti-drop device, whether the moving parts can be equipped with a fully sealed safety cover to avoid accidental fracture of the parts and cause personal injury, and whether the cutter has an infrared electronic control system and electronic safety during operation Knife lock, etc. to indicate the safety range.

2. Pay attention to energy consumption comparison

The same type of paper cutter should be compared in terms of the power of the whole machine. The power of the motor is not only related to power consumption. Due to the precision matching in the machine manufacturing and assembly process, it is necessary to choose a motor with a larger power, which is actually a method that cannot be handled during the machining and assembly process.

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