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What to pay attention to when choosing a laminating machine

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Laminating machine is a kind of machine in the printing industry, which can maintain the color pattern of the printed product, make its surface bright, colorful, and have a certain waterproof function. In daily life, we can buy laminator products by looking at models, specifications, prices, uses, and brands. When purchasing, we must pay attention to issues such as parallelism and material.


1. Look at the model

According to the model, the laminating machine is divided into three types: complete structure and simple manual operation type, semi-automatic type and fully automatic type. The structure, performance and price of different types of laminating machines are also completely different. The choice of the type of laminating machine for production mainly depends on the structure and characteristics of the factory's products. Reasonably arranging suitable machines for production is beneficial to improving production efficiency and quality.

2. Look at the specifications

The specifications of the laminating machine are relative to the length of the roller. In order to avoid waste of adhesive, energy consumption and increase in production costs, in factories with more diverse product structures, the specifications should be proportionally selected when appropriate Properly purchase laminating machines of different sizes to meet the requirements of efficient and reasonable production. Some factories are mainly narrow-width products. In order to make the machine suitable for large-size products, they purchase all large-size machines for production. They think that buying large-size machines is "big or small" and adapts well. In fact This approach is not advisable.

3. Look at the price

Price is one of the important factors that determine the production cost and an important part of factory procurement. Due to the differences in production capacity, scale, and management mode of each factory, their prices are also different. Therefore, when choosing the price, in the case of "shop around", you also need to "go to the market and visit users", so that you have a more accurate and clear understanding of the printing equipment market, and ensure that you can buy a film with a reasonable price and reliable performance. machine.


4. Look at the purpose

The laminating machine should meet economic, reasonable, high-quality, and efficient production requirements, so as to improve production efficiency and quality, and reduce production costs. The factory should determine the purchase intention of the machine according to the characteristics of its own product structure. Small batches and small specifications should purchase manual laminating machines for laminating, and large quantity, hard surface paper and products with high quality requirements should be purchased. Semi-automatic and fully automatic laminating machines are used for laminating. Do not choose a fully automatic laminating machine for long-term laminating of small batches, small specifications and uneven paper cartons.

5. Look at the brand

Generally speaking, choosing a brand means choosing a manufacturer, choosing factories with large production scales and strong technical strength, especially for customers who want to buy fully automatic laminating machines. Because the performance and quality of the laminating machine produced by it are relatively stable and reliable, the after-sales service is also relatively guaranteed, and it can withstand the test of time and use.

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