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What should I do if the die-cutting accuracy is low, the burst line, and the indentation line run out?(1)

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In the carton die-cutting process, common problems include poor die-cutting accuracy, die-cutting burst lines, indentation line running, die-cutting fluffing and dusting. What are the reasons for these problems? How to improve and solve the problem?

Die cutting accuracy is not high

Reason: The hand-made die-cutting plate has a large error; the operating environment of the die-cutting indentation is different from that of the printing process, which will cause the paper to deform, resulting in inaccurate position of the die-cutting indentation. Especially after glazing and laminating, the deformation of the paper is more serious, which affects the accuracy of die cutting.

Measures: Try to ensure that the die-cutting and indentation and printing are carried out in the same operating environment, or ensure the identity of the operating environment (ie the same temperature, relative humidity, etc.). The glazing and laminating paper should be die-cut pretreatment to reduce the influence of paper deformation on die-cutting accuracy.

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Die cutting indentation produces "burst lines" and "dark lines"

Reason: "Burst line" means that the pressure of the die-cutting indentation is too large, which exceeds the tolerance of the paper fiber, which causes the paper fiber to break; "dark line" refers to the undesirable indentation line, which is generally due to die-cutting. It is caused by improper selection of creasing steel wire, improper adjustment of die-cutting pressure, poor paper quality, inconsistent paper fiber direction with the direction of die-cutting plate row knife, low water content of paper resulting in decreased flexibility, etc.

Measures: Choose a suitable die-cutting plate; appropriately adjust the die-cutting pressure; place the printed matter to be die-cut in the workshop for a period of time before die-cutting; increase the relative humidity of the workshop environment.

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