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What are the main factors affecting the life of the paper cutter blade

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The printing industry, packaging industry, and the use of paper cutters provide greater cutting accuracy. Automatic paper cutters, CNC paper cutters and program-controlled paper cutters are widely used in various paper cutter related industries. Let me introduce to you the main factors affecting the life of the paper cutter blade!


1. The material of the knife

The single-chip cutting machine tool is made of inlaid welding of the blade and the blade body at high temperature. The chromium tungsten manganese steel blade has high hardness and low carbon steel blade body. Durability The hardness of the tool steel of the blade is proportional to the quality of the blade, and the blade hardness is as high as 60 quenched HR55.

2. Shape and angle of sharpening

Single-sided paper cutters generally use a single sharpening knife with a sharpening angle of 19° to 23°. Sharpening such a shape makes the inclined surface of the tool to withstand the pressure during the cutting process, the part of the paper stack is cut, the paper base in a section is rubbed, and the inclined surface of the blade is quickly worn. The cutting edge of the double-sided tool has obvious advantages, which helps to reduce the load of the machine and improve the accuracy of crop sharpening. Therefore, in the case of the tool material, the sharpening angle should be as small as possible, taking into account the size of the crop's shear resistance.


Third, the quality of the paper cutter sharpening

The higher the quality of the brother, the longer the service life of the cutter and the better the quality of the crop.

Four, different crop materials

The speed at which the edges of the reamer become dull and the cutting of abrasion-resistant materials during the cutting process. When cutting paper, the speed at which the blade becomes dull and the paper texture is soft, hard and ash content. The hand feel during the cutting operation is harder. The greater the ash content of the paper, the faster the blade becomes blunt.

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