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The most complete binding method in history(2)

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Saddle stitching is currently the most common binding method for many albums. When binding, the book pages are divided into two, and staples are used for binding along the center seam. Used for general journals, picture albums, newsletters, product catalogs with few pages or less than 5mm in thickness.

Cordless binding refers to a binding method in which the inner pages and the spine of the book are bonded with hot melt glue, and then glued together at the spine of the front cover and the back cover. It is mainly used for printing large quantities, and the paper weight of the inner pages is below 157g/m². The books and magazines are suitable for assembly line mechanized operations.


For thicker books, in order to increase the firmness of the book inner pages binding, the book stickers cannot be fixed only by glue, and they need to be threaded for reinforcement. Stitching is to lock the inner pages with weaving thread on the spine of the book, and then use hot melt glue to bond them to make the book binding more secure.

Most of the books, painting albums, classic works, high-end albums, and gift albums with commemorative significance, relatively valuable and valuable collections, use collectible hardcover. In layman's terms, collectible hardcover refers to binding that is very particular about the layout design of the inner page, cover and back cover materials, craftsmanship and binding methods.

Different from the ordinary hardcover, the collection-grade hardcover has an outer packaging, and the outer packaging requires a more fashionable, delicate and certain weight. The internal and external design and the use of craftsmanship make the collection-level hardcover look awe-inspiring.

The book design and binding methods do not have to follow a fixed pattern. Graphic designers carry out many innovative styles and distinctive features based on the content of the printed works. For example, in recent years, there are many types of books published and the book bindings continue to be updated. The list goes on.

There are left and right installations, reverse installations, and folding installations in form. The materials used are also constantly updated, such as art paper, wood materials, metal profiles, PVC plastics, etc.

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