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The most complete binding method in history(1)

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Binding is the overall operation process of a book from collating pages to forming a book. Generally, it includes processing procedures such as sorting, connecting, stitching, equipping, and covering the printed pages in order. Commonly used in paperback books, magazines, corporate reports, brochures, manuals and annual reports.

The packaging form of works such as scrolls and calligraphy that we usually see is scroll packaging with traditional Chinese cultural characteristics. It needs to be unfolded when reading, and can be rolled up for collection after reading. This is a very old form of mounting.

In modern craft prints, designers use this type of binding design to fully demonstrate the characteristics and unique cultural connotation of the packaged items. Reel mounting is divided into banner mounting and vertical mounting. The materials used and the mounting process are more sophisticated.


Ancient thread binding is a very Chinese form of binding. It mainly uses cotton thread or silk thread to drill a hole about 10mm from the spine to the book block, and then thread it into a book.

Ancient thread bindings are generally used in scriptures and books with ancient characters and patterns. Many ancient thread bindings also use traditional characters and vertical layout, as well as relatively old paper materials such as rice paper.

The characteristics of ancient thread clothing are simple and elegant, and the writing is dignified. In the book binding design, the unique creativity combined with the ancient thread clothing form has a more cultural sense of form.

Folding is also called "organ installation", the printed paper is cut into thin strips, and the thin strips are folded into several hands by left and right folds, and then all are glued and connected to the long strip book.

The difficulty of folding is the glue connection. Since it almost needs to be completed by hand, a little carelessness may cause the front and back hands to be out of order, or the folds cannot be consistent, resulting in waste or defective products. Therefore, it is necessary to consider more process details before deciding to use adhesive connection and folding.

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