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The introduction of folding machine

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The folding machine is mainly used for the folding of various sizes and thicknesses of paper within the design range, and is suitable for mass folding of fast printing centers, manufacturers, official documents, and business letters.

Folding machines are modern printing equipment that accompanies the modern printing industry. Modern printing plants usually include three processing steps: pre-press, printing, and post-press. The main carrier medium is paper. Due to the rise of packaging printing, in other material media, Such as plastics, fabrics, leather, metal surfaces, etc. are also on the rise, but the main carrier still dominates with paper. Printing industry processing is usually divided into book and newspaper processing and packaging processing; folding machines are mainly used to fold papers of various sizes and thicknesses within the design range, and are suitable for large-scale printing centers, manufacturers, official documents, and business letters. Batch folding.

paper machine

The composition of the folding machine is similar, mainly composed of three parts: paper feeding, folding and receiving.

The paper feeding part is divided into two types: sheet paper feeding device and continuous paper feeding device. The paper feeding device is mainly responsible for the task of separating and conveying paper, and can accurately convey the printed pages to the folding part.

The fence folding mechanism is a mechanism that uses a fence to cooperate with a relatively rotating folding roller and a turning baffle to complete the folding, and it is mainly composed of a folding roller and a folding fence. For the folding machine, the fence frame undoubtedly plays an important role. The traditional fence frame not only requires two people to operate when the paper turning board is adjusted, but also has disadvantages such as large margin error, and it also has different degrees of scratches on more sensitive paper. The signatures that require special folding methods cannot be realized. The appearance of movable fence frame and Guanyin folding fence frame. Solved these problems. 

The movable fence frame combines the baffle and the deflection function into one. The operator only needs a few seconds to turn the knob to change them from the paper baffle to the paper deflector, with hard-coated hooks on the surface When in the lowest position, it is used as a steering device, and when in any other position, it also acts as a paper stopper, which greatly accelerates the speed of preparation for starting up. And the advantages of the movable fence frame are: the fence plate is always in the folding unit. Will not be hurt due to operation reasons, the operator does not need to be busy supervising the folding unit.

The delivery part can be in the form of a movable delivery trolley. The delivery cart can adjust the height and angle according to the origami style. And has an independent stepless speed regulation function, which can be adjusted according to the folding speed.

paper machine

At present, the latest high-speed folding machine has achieved a humanized operation interface. The adjustment of all folding actions can be digitized and automated. More advanced folding machines can also be networked and integrated into a global unified command interface for printing. The whole process of the factory is automatically controlled and operated, and remote control and centralized control can be achieved. 

The high-speed automatic folding machine is divided into folding knives, folding fences, folding rollers, paper feeding table and delivery table, as well as the main parts of the control part. Due to the need of high-speed uninterrupted operation of modern printing, it is resistant to the raw materials used. Grindability, hardness, surface treatment and machining accuracy have very high requirements.

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