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The differences among paperback, hardcover and glue-bound(2)

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The original paperback picture book is also called "softback". It is not a pirated picture book. Compared with hardback, it is just a different book binding form. It is a commonly used book binding that has been reformed after summing up the advantages of backpacking and threading. form. If you are more pursuing quality and low price, it is recommended to buy paperback picture books. Although paperback is easy to bind, there is no high-end hardcover picture book visually. In fact, some picture books are not inferior to hardcover ones, and some paperback picture books are favored by moms.

Advantages: Paperback picture books are good and cheap. Series story picture books can choose paperback. You can also choose paperback when you are 1-2 years old.

Disadvantages: The disadvantage of paperback is that it is easy to bind, and there is no high-end hardcover visually, but the content is not worse than hardcover.


To summarize: one of the biggest differences between paperback and hardcover is the cover. In terms of feel, the cover of a paperback picture book is soft, just a thick layer of paper. The covers of hardcover picture books are mostly made of cardboard leather, paperboard cloth or other man-made composite materials, and the texture is relatively strong, so the cover of hardcover books is often called a bookcase. In terms of thickness, a paperback book with the same title is definitely thinner than a hardcover book.

Price: Hardcover has the highest price, followed by plastic packaging, and paperback has the lowest price.

I personally think that whether the original picture book is hardcover, glue-bound or paperback, it's just that the binding method is different, and the quality is no problem. According to the actual needs of the individual, you can choose whichever you want~

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