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The differences among paperback, hardcover and glue-bound(1)

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For the binding method of picture books, hardcover?  Binding?  paperback?  How much do you know?  What is the difference?  What is the difference between them?  How should I choose?  Let's find out with everyone today~

The hardcover genuine picture books are mainly made after various modeling and processing on the cover, the spine of the book block, and the corners of the book. If you are looking for taste and texture, we recommend choosing hardcover picture books. This kind of picture book is more upscale and feels better, but the hardcover picture book is heavier.

Advantages: Hardcover picture books are of high quality, feel good, and have a good user experience. Parents generally like to choose hardcover picture books, because hardcover picture books are better than plastic and paperback in terms of binding, and they are not easy to wear during the reading process. It is generally recommended to choose hardcover picture books as gifts. 

Disadvantages: Hardcover picture books are relatively heavy, which is an unnecessary burden for children, and the hard cover of books is not safe for children, especially sharp corners, which will hurt when encountering them. Baby under 2 years old is best to read with their parents.


Glue-bound original picture books refer to brushing glue on the back of the book, then gluing the cover, and finally cutting it according to the size of the finished product. Glue binding is divided into wired glue binding and wireless glue binding. If you dislike the essence of paperback painting and the price of hardcover picture books is too high, then choose glue-bound picture books. It is much more affordable than hardcover picture books in price, has great texture, and the quality is much better than paperback picture books.

Advantages: The price of plastic bound picture books is slightly higher than that of paperback ones, and the price is more affordable than hardcover picture books. The advantage of plastic-bound picture books is that they feel a little better than the paperback ones, and are visually upscale.

Disadvantages: The binding effect of the plastic bound picture book will have a slight gap on the page turning, and the page will fall apart if it takes too long.

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