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Teach you how to choose the perfect binding machine

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The wireless glue binding machine can be used to bind books, photo albums, memo pads, hardcovers and other books. It is a necessary binding equipment for digital printing shops, graphic production centers, and unit printing rooms; the frequency of use is very high. Buying a suitable glue binding machine will become a good helper for work and a weapon for making money. On the contrary, if the glue binding machine you buy is broken twice in three days, the glue binding quality is poor, not only the quality is not guaranteed, the delivery date is delayed, but it will also affect the reputation of the store, so you should not be careful.

SPB-55HA4 Automatic Glue Binding Machine

So how can we choose a satisfactory glue binding machine?

One, look at the brand

Some familiar brands on the market are the result of the dual choice of time and market needs. Either in terms of quality, or in terms of cost performance, or in the after-sales excellence. Eventually formed its own stable consumer group. The original imported brand glue binding machine has good stability, excellent quality and high price. It is the first choice for customers with high output and high quality requirements. Taiwan-made plastic packaging machine has a long history and high reliability. The price is about 20% higher than that of mainland mainland brands. The durability is also good. Domestic brands have mixed good and bad, and several of them have begun to form a good reputation in the industry. Hangzhou is a place where domestic glue binding machine manufacturers are relatively concentrated, forming an obvious industrial supply chain cluster. Many export-oriented glue binding machines and OEM glue binding machines are produced here.

Second, look at the demand

The glue binding machine is divided into A4 and A3 according to the format of glue binding books. There are also production and office types according to the average daily output load. There are also vertical box type and desktop glue binding machines according to the structure. In some stores, there are few orders for A3 format plastic packaging a year. A4 format is a good location, and location A3 is a bit wasteful. If the average daily output is expected to be high, you should buy a production-type glue binding machine, which has high production efficiency and wear-resistant key components. If store space is limited, a desktop glue binding machine is a good choice.

Three, look at word of mouth

Through professional graphic forums, trading website reviews, professional exhibition exchanges, professional WeChat group postings, messages, chat records, etc., screen the brands of glue binding machines on the market.

Fourth, look at peers

For some brands with preliminary intentions, I can't judge or choose for a while, visit some good business graphic counterparts, visit old shops in this area that have been in business for more than ten years, and see the brands they use plastic binding machines, and maybe let them talk about it. For their experience and experience in the use of glue binding machines, they tend to enthusiastically recommend their trusted brands. Their recommendations are much more reliable than the reviews on trading websites and the promotion of soft articles.

SPB-55HA4 Automatic Glue Binding Machine major view

Five, on-site test machine

In areas where there are local distributors, door-to-door testing is generally supported. You can prepare the commonly used paper by yourself, determine the required format, binding thickness and go to the site to operate, check the binding quality and speed of the machine, judge the ease of use of the machine, whether the design is reasonable, the difficulty of maintenance, after-sales conditions, etc.

Based on the above comprehensive judgments, I wish you a good and easy-to-use glue binding machine. All bosses are also welcome to vote for the brand and model of the glue binding machine that they are satisfied with, for reference to colleagues who have new equipment.

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