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Special printing process method

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Inkjet printing is an efficient and special printing method that can be used in packaging industry production lines to quickly print production dates, batch numbers and bar codes. Since inkjet printing is a pressureless printing, it uses a wide variety of inks and has a wide range of substrates, allowing a variety of packaging.

At present, some high-end inkjet printing products are close to the level of traditional printing in terms of hue level, clarity, and color saturation. Some of its inherent advantages have been further utilized, and its printing speed has been accelerated, and its printing accuracy has been improved. Combined with the database, inkjet printing is fully capable of variable data printing, which brings good news for the differentiation and personalized production of packaging printed matter. 

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If the latest JDF production standards are adopted, inkjet printing equipment can also be easily integrated into the digital production process of the entire printing plant, thereby achieving better equipment control and higher production efficiency. The two main features of inkjet printing are "print on demand" and "personalization". These two characteristics can meet the emerging new demands of the packaging market. Digital printing machine can be connected with die-cutting equipment and post-press processing production line to achieve higher quality and faster turnover speed.

In the field of packaging and printing, anti-counterfeiting printing plays a vital role. If general products need an important product identification, then many high-end products need a complete anti-counterfeiting system. This is not only the needs of manufacturers, but also the needs of consumers. Therefore, anti-counterfeiting printing has been widely used in packaging and decorative product printing. With the continuous improvement of people's brand awareness and the continuous enhancement of intellectual property protection, people believe that anti-counterfeiting printing will have great market prospects.

Commonly used anti-counterfeiting methods are: laser holographic anti-counterfeiting, special ink anti-counterfeiting, plate-making and printing technology anti-counterfeiting, and special paper anti-counterfeiting. There are currently three anti-counterfeiting methods commonly used in packaging and decoration printing.

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