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Single Head Wire Stitching Machine Saddle Stitch Binding Machine

  • SWS-1
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SWS-1 Single Head Wire Stapler Binding Machine


It is used to binding double copies of orders, books, magazines, and promotional materials, and is widely used in various types of government agencies, printing shops, digital graphic shops, printing factories, etc.

1. Both flat and saddle stitching

Put the book board flat to complete the flat binding operation

2. Wire binding is more economical

Economical and affordable, easy to buy and beautiful in nails

3. High quality M2000 stitch head

Safe and stable, low failure rate, with automatic transmission/cutting wire function

4. Double guide rails up and down vertically

More stable operation, more precise binding

5. Adjustable book shelf

Lightly touch the cardboard, the cardboard is automatically aligned and centered, simple and convenient

6. Foot binding is more efficient

With pedals, order immediately after stepping on, efficient and convenient, simple operation

7. Use high-speed motors

It can be ordered 80 times per minute (the similar machines on the market can bind 40 times), which greatly improves work efficiency


Binding Speed0-80 times/min.
Wire Model24#, 25#, 26#
Staple Width13mm
Binding Thickness0.2-5mm
Power Supply110/220V, 50/60HZ
Stitch HeadM2000 as standard, Hohner as option
Machine Size615*390*325mm
WeightNet: 25kgs Gross: 26kgs


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