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Several problems should be paid attention to when using hot melt glue

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Several problems should be paid attention to when using hot melt glue

1. Should I use different types of glue for binding different papers?

Yes, ordinary glue and art paper glue can be used for binding ordinary paper, but copper plate glue should be used for binding art paper; the top-mounted glue pot wireless glue binding machine should use long open time glue.

(Note: The open time of hot melt adhesive refers to the time when the glue is frozen, this time is generally 6-13 seconds.)

2. How long should the finished book be placed before cutting?

The cutting should be done during the cooling, hardening and shaping of the hot melt adhesive. Generally, this time should be guaranteed to be more than 3 minutes, otherwise problems such as deformation of the spine and sticking of the glue block will occur.

(Note: The cooling and hardening time of EVA hot melt adhesive is generally more than 3 minutes)

3. How should the temperature of the glue tank be adjusted?

First of all, it must be based on the technical specifications provided by the hot melt adhesive manufacturer. Too high or too low will reduce the bonding strength and tensile strength. Therefore, the temperature of the hot melt adhesive must be controlled within a certain range to achieve bonding. effect. 

In addition, the glue temperature should be different according to the paper texture. For example, the content of inorganic matter in coated paper is about 10 times higher than that of offset paper and writing paper. Inorganic matter has good thermal conductivity, which will accelerate the cooling of hot melt adhesive. The curing speed, so in this case, the temperature of the glue pot should be slightly increased.

hot melt glue

4. What are the requirements for the use environment of EVA hot melt adhesive?

In general, keeping the temperature at 20-25℃ and the humidity at about 50% can make the binding effect.

5. How long should it take for the books and periodicals to be delivered for use?

Generally, it is delivered immediately in the digital printing shop. Of course, it is no problem for ordinary use, but you should not read it vigorously at this time, because the bonding effect of EVA hot melt adhesive is reached after 24 hours.

6. What are the general reasons for users to drop pages during use?

In addition to the problems mentioned above, it is usually necessary to pay attention to whether the equipment debugging is appropriate and whether the operation method is correct. Another problem that is easy to overlook is that a lot of glue pieces are added at one time during the operation. However, due to the small workload each time, the EVA hot melt adhesive is repeatedly heated and melted, which will destroy the macromolecular chain structure and reduce the heat. The viscosity of the melt. This situation is more common in digital printing shops.

7. Can side glue and base glue be mixed?

Mixed use is not recommended. The fluidity of the side glue is higher than that of the bottom glue. Using the side glue as the bottom glue will make the book back glue uneven and easy to empty glue. The bottom glue cannot be used as the side glue.

8. Why does the transparent glue turn yellow?

The temperature is too high, and repeated heating for a long time will cause the glue to turn yellow. Solution: Lower the temperature of the glue tank, do not add too much glue at one time, follow the amount of addition and use the amount, and add more if it is not enough.

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