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Safety Operating Regulations for Laminator

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The mounting work of the laminating machine requires high precision of the machine. Once scratches, markings, cracks, shading, etc. occur, the processing quality of the product will become very poor. Therefore, we must understand its operating procedures and pay attention to the operating methods. 


When the laminating machine is running, it is forbidden to put your fingers into the two rollers to avoid sticking your hands. Always check whether there is rubber or grease on the rubber roller, and scrub the rubber and dust on the roller in time to ensure that the surfaces of the two rollers are clean and bright.

1. The sensor element of the temperature controller uses an electric thermocouple to detect the temperature. Due to the greater influence of the installation position, the surrounding air temperature and internal air flow, the accuracy of temperature measurement has a large error, which is indicated on the thermometer The temperature is a relative temperature, and the user should select the temperature according to the actual processing experience relative to the indicated value of the reference thermometer.

2. Glue, thinner, and cleaning agent are all flammable products, pay attention to fire near the machine.

3. When the machine is running, it is forbidden to put your fingers into the two rollers to avoid sticking your hands. The temperature of the pressing roller of the machine is high, so do not touch it with your hands to prevent burns.

4. Turn on the machine at low speed when scrubbing. It should be scrubbed in the correct position to prevent the cloth in the hands from being crushed by the two rollers.

5. Turn off the main power switch of the machine when repairing and inspecting the machine. The electrical system of the machine should be well insulated to prevent moisture. When you stop using the machine, cut off the power to prevent accidents.

6. It is strictly forbidden to place any tools, devices, sundries on the machine. The working air gap of the rubber roller and the rubber roller is extremely small. Once any hard object is pressed into the surface of the rubber roller, it will leave pressure on the rubber. Holes or cracks. The lighter ones need a longer time for natural elastic recovery, and the heavy ones are directly scrapped.

7. The newly installed machine should strengthen the lubrication of the machine, and be careful not to use the machine quickly during the running-in period of the machine transmission.

8. During shutdown. Be sure to unload the air pressure system, separate the pressing roller and the rubber roller in time, and loosen the scraper and the pre-pressing roller, so as to avoid the two rollers from long-term compression deformation.

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