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SWS-2 Double head Wire Stapler Binding Machine

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SWS-2 Double head Wire Stapler Binding Machine


1. Both flat and saddle stitching

One machine with two functions, suitable for more binding needs

2. High efficiency double-head binding 

Efficient binding, suitable for binding more materials

3. Economical and safe

Wire binding, economical and applicable, with few failures

4. Simple and easy operation

Electric pedal binding, easy to order with one step

5. The binding is beautiful and firm

Quality M2000, Hole nail heads are available, binding is firm, durable and beautiful

6. Equipped with automatic wire cutting function

7. Equipped with automatic wire feeding function

8. With the function of automatically pressing the wire into a book pin

9. Equipped with automatic trimming function for thick and thin documents

10. Equipped with a safe power cord with insurance function

11. Use belt to transmit, no noise will be generated when working

12. Use special round steel wire size

13. Desktop design, easy to install and place the machine, easy to use


Model SWS-2
Binding Speed 0-80 times/min.
Wire Model 24#, 25#, 26#
Staple Width 13mm
Binding Thickness 0.2-5mm
Power Supply 110/220V, 50/60HZ
Power 100W
Stitch Head M2000 as standard, Hohner as option
Machine Size 66*50*90cm
Weight Net: 75kgs Gross:80kgs

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