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SPC-808H Hydraulic Paper Cutting Machine

1.Max. Cutting Size:800mm
2.Min. Cutting Size:30mm
3.Max. Cutting Thickness:80mm
4.Push Mode:Program Control
5.Safety Protection:IR (Infrared photoelectric)
  • SPC-808H
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SPC-808H Electric Paper Cutting Machine


1. Industrial floating bead platform with air pump

Easy and convenient for paper pushing, 

keep avoiding the bottom paper insert the paper pusher;

2. Mechanical foot pedal

Easy to adjust the paper size, 

more convenient to cut the books;

3. Cantilever structure for the blade carrier 

Solve the problem of roller and slideway that are easy to wear and tear;

4. Using ball screw and servo motor to push paper

More accurate and longer service life;

5. Double hydraulic power control system

Strong power, more convenient for cutting high strength paper like photo album;

6. Paper pusher platform can be folded

Easy for dismounting, convenient for adjusting;

7. Electronic hand wheel for fine adjustment

Fine adjust for paper pushing size, more accurate;

8. Tensioner for blade stick

Blade stick is not easy to move, more convenient and easier to change;

9. Using leading brand touch screen for display

Good quality and high tech, 10 inch display is easier to operate, 

have numerical, program and segment mode;

10. Using PLC device

Using international brand Omron PLC, 

good quality and stable operation;

11. Optional of side table


Max. Cutting Size800mm
Min. Cutting Size30mm
Max. Cutting Thickness80mm
Cutting Accuracy0.3mm
Clamp ModeHydraulic
Push ModeProgram Control
DisplayTouch Screen
Power Supply380V, 50HZ
Machine Size1660*1250*1480mm(1660*2155*1480mm)
Packing Size1760*1390*1700mm
Back GagueDouble lead screws with double guide rods
Machine WeightNet:750kgs,Gross:800kgs


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