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SBM-460 Booklet Maker Machine

1.Max. Paper Size:460*330mm
2.Min. Paper Size:210*148mm
3.Paper Weight:50-250g/m²
4.Binding Mode:wire stitching
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SBM-460 Booklet Maker Machine


1. Automatic high speed operation: 1800 books /hour

It is widely used in the binding of all kinds of brochures, catalogues, advertising albums, books and magazines

2. Stainless steel backing

Reduce the friction of paper feeding and falling, U-shaped structure ensures the smoothness of paper feeding

3. Anti-rebound design

When the paper is falling at high speed, the machine assembly design can effectively ensure the accuracy of binding and folding

4. Anti-chaotic design of wire reel

Effectively solve the problem of wire entanglement and no nailing

5. Open the window and cover

You can watch the machine running during use, which is very convenient and easy to adjust

6. Electric delivery tray

After the binding is completed, the delivery tray will automatically send and receive paper

7. Heavier take-up wheel

It serves as a secondary auxiliary pressing to make the binding saddle stitch more even

8. Concavo-convex folding roller

Increase the friction, make the folding effect better

9. Adopt Hohner 43/6 head, German technology

Maintenance and adjustment are easier, service life is longer. The more important thing is that the failure rate is reduced. The maintenance and adjustment of the iron wire has become quite easy. A roll wire produces 40,000 nails, and there is no need to replace it for a long time.

10. Digital operation

LCD display, convenient operation, integrated self-checking function of fault codes such as paper jam, convenient maintenance


Max. Paper Size460*330mm
Min. Paper Size210*148mm
Paper Weight50-250g/m²
Binding Modewire stitching
Binding Speed1800books/ hour (A4 wire stitching)
Binding Thickness2-20sheets of 70gsm papers, less than 9sheets of 157gsm papers
Binding Precision0.5mm
Feeding SystemManual
Power Supply220-240V, 50/60HZ
Machine Size1380*580*900mm
WeightNet: 160kgs, Gross: 190kgs


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