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Reasons for wireless plastic packaging bulk pages and quality control methods for plastic packaging

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With the continuous update of binding equipment, the traditional iron wire flat binding machine has been completely replaced by the flat binding perfect binding linkage line and the disc package machine. The new equipment can help printing companies save a lot of manpower and material resources, but if the operator does not use and monitor it properly, it is easy to cause loose pages in the installed book during use. Here, I will summarize the methods of monitoring and preventing plastic packaging bulk and controlling the quality of plastic packaging, and share with you.


Control methods to avoid loose pages

(1) Process design should be appropriate.

①The back milling amount of 2~3mm must be reserved.

②In order to prevent the books from being inverted, missing posts and mixed, the identification must be distinguished and controlled in advance (according to the category of the product, methods such as label color separation, book title color separation, code distinction, etc., are adopted.

③In order to drive a long car, when folding hands, the self-replica must be placed in the middle of the book.

④When making the cover, put a 5mm white border between the two in the sky and the earth to prevent wild glue.

⑤In order to facilitate the observation of the quality of the package and avoid the scratches and abrasions of the seal, the western-style flap should be as close as possible, and the Chinese-style flap should be as straight as possible.

(2) Avoid dullness or incompleteness of the grooving knives, or only one of the two grooving knives works while the other does not work. Avoid the mismatch of the rotation speed of the main machine and the drawing groove, which causes the groove spacing to increase, and the amount of glue penetrates and the bonding points become less and the pages are scattered. Avoid the mismatch between the height of the back milling cutter and the height of the slotting cutter, which makes the groove depth insufficient and easily leads to scattered pages. 


The preventive method is: before starting each shift, the captain is required to draw a copy of the groove to verify whether the groove cutter is working properly. If it is normal, you need to bring the flight captain and quality inspector to sign for confirmation. If there is a problem, it needs to be adjusted and solved in time. The solution is to replace the grooving cutter or rotary grooving cutter teeth, and adjust the height of the milling back cutter or the grooving cutter, depending on the configuration.

(3) When the book enters the book holder, the spacing of the book holder should be moderate. It should not only allow the book to enter normally, but also not open too much, so as to prevent the text from being deformed due to the soft material, resulting in the inability to drive a long car or Can not be milled back, forming loose pages.

(4) The milling back must be fully milled and milled (the first and last posts of the platform folding page must be bundled, otherwise it may not be milled and the flanging may be formed, and a loose page), pay attention to not milling into an oblique back, otherwise It is easy to form loose pages. 

The main reasons for the formation of the slanted back are as follows: ①The cutting edge of the milling back cutter is dull. ②The transition block on the side of the small turntable against the book surface is worn. The editor of the automatic wireless glue binding machine reminds you that if the slanting back causes the subsequent sizing to form high and low points (that is, the low point is full of glue, the high point is insufficient), which results in the scattered pages of the above text. A feasible solution is to replace the milling back cutter in time, fill the worn transition block by welding, and repair it in place (especially in spring and autumn, ensure that the milling back cutter is in place).

(5) The temperature of the hot melt adhesive must be strictly monitored, the back glue temperature is 165~175℃, and the side glue temperature is 155~165℃ (specifically according to the requirements of the hot melt adhesive manufacturer). The temperature setting value of the preheated glue pot should be slightly higher than the use value, and the preheated glue pot must be refilled in time. It is strictly forbidden to directly add the raw rubber to the glue pot.

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