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Problems that should be paid attention to in digital printing laminating, binding and cutting(7)

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3. Cutting problem

Cutting is also an important aspect of digital printing post-press processing, first of all, paper cutting. Like traditional printing, digital printing also uses a paper cutter to cut the paper or finished product into the required size and shape. At present, there are various paper cutters on the market, including manual type and computer-controlled automatic type. The cutting specifications of single-sided knife paper cutters are mostly 52-150cm. Generally speaking, a paper cutter with a cutting width of 78cm is more suitable for digital printing. 

If possible, a computer-controlled paper cutter can better match digital printing because it can store a certain amount of data. When cutting the job that has been processed, you only need to call up the original program from the computer, which can fully save the time of adjusting the machine. In the use of the paper cutter, in order to keep the blade sharp and prolong the service life of the paper cutter, the thickness of the paper cut at a time should not exceed 40mm, and the pressure of the paper cutter on the paper should be appropriate, generally softer paper The pressure required is greater, and the pressure required for harder materials is relatively less.

It is very important to keep the blade sharp when using the paper cutter. Pay attention to the correct maintenance and use of the blade. Once the blade is dull, the blade should be sharpened again, otherwise it will affect the cutting accuracy. In addition, pay attention to keeping the ambient temperature at 19~23℃ and the relative humidity at 50%. Under such conditions, the characteristics of the paper are relatively stable, which is conducive to the correct use and maintenance of the paper cutter, because the determination of many cutting parameters depends on the paper being processed.

Die-cutting digital prints can make the final prints attract everyone's attention with special shapes or outstanding features, and increase the added value of the product. Whether digital printers need to purchase a die-cutting machine depends on the amount of work they process. If there is not much work, the die-cutting machine will be idle, causing waste. When choosing a die-cutting machine, pay attention to the processing requirements that suit the printed product. You can choose a platform die-cutting machine when die-cutting thicker paper, and you can choose a rotary die-cutting machine for die-cutting thinner paper.

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