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Problems that should be paid attention to in digital printing laminating, binding and cutting(6)

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Although the stitch binding method has good binding firmness, its binding is time-consuming and costly. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully design and arrange the printing work at the beginning to ensure the harmony of printing and post-press processing. Pay attention to the following issues in binding and finishing. First, since the ink and pigment on digital prints are only attached to the surface of the paper, the folding process is prone to breakage. Therefore, it is best to press the crease before folding.

Spiral binding and circle binding also play a certain role in the binding of digital printing products. Both spiral stitching and loop stitching need to be punched and then the printed products are bound into a book. The spiral or loop thread used has a variety of specifications, both metal materials and plastic; both monochrome and colorful. 

Spiral stitching uses a continuous plastic thread or metal wire to pass from the first hole to the last hole of the printed product; while loop stitching uses a separate ring-shaped iron wire or plastic ring to "clamp" the printed product through the round hole. Of the leaflet. Spiral binding and circular binding are characterized by low binding cost and good flatness. Use a manual small desktop hole-punching spiral binding or circular binding machine (which can bind booklets with a thickness of 20-28mm) to bind an A4 booklet approximately It takes 5 minutes. If the number of binding is large, it is best to use a computer-controlled punching and binding machine with a high degree of automation.

Digital printing products can also use punching or drilling binding methods. This binding method is more suitable for binding single-sheet documents, and is very suitable for materials used by students or samples used by sales staff. Especially when you need to change part of the content, you only need to reprint one or a few pages that have changed content, and then add in after punching holes to replace the old pages, without reprinting the entire document or sample. 

When using the punch binding method, pay attention to not too much or too thick paper punched at a time, otherwise the punching quality will be affected. When drilling holes, the drill needle will heat up and cause the digital printing image toner to melt. Be careful not to drill too much. When punching and binding polyester materials, punching should be used as much as possible instead of drilling, because the heat generated by drilling will easily melt and stick the polyester material.

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