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Problems that should be paid attention to in digital printing laminating, binding and cutting(5)

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In wireless glue binding, some books or brochures sometimes have pages falling. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, including glue and machine.

The perfect binders used by digital printers generally include milling, gluing, and covering. Some cheap perfect binders do not have the process of milling at all; some perfect binders have milling functions. However, the back milling of the book spine is not in place, which will affect the firmness of perfect binding. In addition, the type and quality of glue also have an impact on the fastness of glue binding. Improper temperature control during the glue binding process will also result in loose pages and page falling of the book. In the perfect binding process, the opening time is a very important parameter, which refers to the time required for the glue to make the cover of the book and the book adhere firmly. After the book or booklet is glued on the machine, the glue still needs some time to continue curing, sometimes as long as several hours. Therefore, never read the book as soon as it has been bound on the perfect binder. At least 15 minutes later, you should read it and check it.

In addition, for the binding of books and brochures, saddle stitching is a fast, efficient, and economical way. It is also a good choice for most digital prints, especially suitable for guides, booklets and brochures. Binding of thinner books. This binding method can be carried out online with other processing methods, and can perform post-press processing of collating, folding, binding and online cutting at the same time, which can guarantee the fast delivery required by digital printing. However, the thickness of saddle stitching is limited and generally cannot exceed 4mm.


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