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Problems that should be paid attention to in digital printing laminating, binding and cutting(4)

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At present, the domestic digital printing shops mostly use flat binding, especially in the way of wireless glue binding. 

The booklets bound by glue are not only beautiful, but also firmly bound. When designing a flat binding booklet, first pay attention to leaving enough room for binding between the binding opening and the main text. In order to clarify the specific position of the flat binding processing, it is best for the designer to understand the actual printing paper before the digital printing processing. This is especially important for digital printed matter for changes after digital printing. 

Most computer design programs do not consider the slight change in the thickness of the paper after printing. In digital printing, the color material printed on the surface of the paper will cause the thickness of the printed sheet to change. When tens of pages of digital printed sheets are bound, the accumulated thickness Changes may make the binding size calculated by the computer meaningless. 

Therefore, it is necessary to grasp the change parameters of the sample sheets of the actual production paper after digital printing, so as to accurately measure the thickness of the book during the printing design, and ensure that the post-press processing obtains the appropriate binding size. Similar to the processing of wireless adhesive binding of offset printing, the wireless adhesive binding of digital prints should also consider the cutting amount of binding. 

In addition, a 1/4-inch glue area should be reserved at the bottom of the book cover to prevent glue from leaking to the next book during binding. The wireless adhesive binding process also requires that the bleeding cover should be larger than the body size when printing. Wireless adhesive binding hardcover processing is also an important post-press processing method in digital printing and binding. The key to the hardcover process is how to firmly bond the book block and the hard cover to produce books that can be stored for a long time. 

Although the cost and time consumed for wireless adhesive binding hardcover seem to be a little out of proportion to the digital printing for the short-run printing market, some binding companies have prefabricated different colors, styles and sizes commonly used for digital hardcover. Hardcover bookcases are for digital printers to choose. Therefore, wireless glue binding hardcover has also become a common binding method for digital printing.

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