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Problems caused by improper vacuuming of the gluing machine and routine maintenance

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In the process of using the wireless binding machine, milling back hair is a very critical process, but milling back will produce paper dust, so the binding machine in daily use should pay attention to the maintenance of the machine to ensure the normal operation of the dust discharge system, if the dust discharge is not smooth, it will cause the following kinds of problems.

Bad gluing

Paper chips into the glue box penetrate into the glue inside the glue caused by local thickening, glue wheel with uneven glue, will cause too much or too little glue and empty glue; In addition, paper chips and glue seepage together will greatly reduce the collagen has the viscosity, elasticity and toughness, resulting in finished glue binding off the page, scattered pages and other phenomena;.

binding machine

Smoke from the glue box

Paper scraps into the glue box and glue seepage together, will cause uneven temperature transmission from the bottom to the top of the glue box, and heating glue more easily yellow, aging, lump, repeated heating will produce more obvious smoke;.

Keypad malfunction

Unprocessed paper dust will fly into the adjacent functional parts as the trolley goes back and forth and affect the key contact, causing the keypad to malfunction and, in serious cases, causing program errors due to electrostatic interference.

Environmental pollution

The machine worktop is littered with confetti, the LCD is blurred and other hygiene problems.

However, during daily use, customers may neglect the dumping of confetti bags due to busy business, or may fail to properly communicate the use and maintenance requirements due to the replacement of operators, thus causing the confetti bags to be forgotten for cleaning and resulting in poor discharge of confetti, or worse, the confetti cannot be discharged and is sprayed backwards into the glue box.

  1. The dust-absorbing cloth bag is increased by 2-3 times to meet the demand for single use time of customers with larger business volume.

2, change the frequency of prompting within the program, from the original 1000 prompting to 100 prompting, the machine will beep after reaching the binding business volume, at the same time the display will have a text prompting dumping scrap bags, press C key to clear the prompting state.

3、Increase the prompt label in a prominent position on the machine.

binding machine

However, the above adjustments only help customers to solve the problem of the time for storing the confetti and reminding cleaning, the use and maintenance of the whole machine still need to rely on the operator to clean up in time to ensure that the machine is in the best working condition, the daily cleaning and maintenance suggestions are as follows:

➀ Timely cleaning of the cloth bag: dump the confetti and shake off the dust in time to prevent the suction power from dropping due to overfilling of the confetti in the cloth bag and affecting the discharge of the confetti.

➁ Replace the spare bag: after a period of use the bag becomes less breathable and cannot create negative pressure, resulting in reduced suction for confetti discharge; a spare bag is included in the supplied kit, please replace it promptly.

➂ Wash the bag regularly: wash and dry the bag before using it again to restore its air permeability and maintain good suction.

➃ Replace the brushes regularly: the brushes are the main barrier to prevent paper dust from entering the cassette, please replace them regularly.

➄ Regularly replace the milling cutter: the cutter will become blunt after long term use, resulting in strips of confetti blocking the airfoil damaging the dust extractor fan and affecting the chip evacuation will also cause problems such as irregular back milling back serrations and poor gluing.

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