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Precautions for safe use of paper cutter

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The paper cutter is a product with a high level of intelligence and digitization. The market share is extremely high. According to paper cutter manufacturers, with the prosperity of the printing and packaging industry in recent years, the market demand for paper cutters has greatly increased. Paper cutter manufacturers continue to innovate and bring forth the new. 


From the initial manual paper cutter, electric paper cutter, to fully automatic paper cutter, and high-intelligence products such as CNC paper cutter, fully automatic CNC paper cutter and program-controlled paper cutter. To help the development and arrival of the digital age of the printing and packaging industry. The safe operation and use of the paper cutter is also worthy of attention and serious treatment, which is directly related to its performance.

First, the operator must carry out inspection work. Check the machine condition 10 minutes in advance, just look at the last equipment operation record, strictly check whether there is any debris on the knife surface of the programmed paper cutter, and ensure that the safety device of the paper cutter is effective before starting the machine.

Secondly, be proficient in the use of program-controlled paper cutters. Familiar with the working principles and operating procedures of safety devices, two-hand cutting devices, and infrared photoelectric protection devices. After the end of the tool change or the adjustment of the friction clutch gap, the operator must immediately remove the handle and the long-handled screw to avoid injury. Always check the parallelism between the paper pusher and the cutting line and the vertical state of the worktable surface to prevent the paper pusher from being damaged during production.

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Once again, other safe operation regulations. When the program-controlled paper cutter is not used for a long time, it must be manually reeled for two working cycles before starting up. If abnormalities are found, check carefully, and it is strictly prohibited to press keys randomly. It is strictly forbidden to reach into the cutting table while the machine is running. The paper cutter must be operated by a single person. After get off work, wipe and maintain the machine as required, and fill in the equipment operation record for future use.

Therefore, you must first choose equipment with a high safety factor, and then, you must develop good use habits, so as to ensure safety at work.

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