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Points for purchasing post-press binding equipment in fast printing shops(2)

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 post-press binding equipment

4.  Choose office equipment carefully. There are essential differences between the equipment used in fast printing shops and those used in small offices in terms of life span, efficiency, and adaptability. If the fast printing shop only chooses the manual perfect binder, it will not be able to meet the customer's time requirements when it encounters a larger batch of jobs. For another example, the punching thickness of the office punching machine is limited, the service life is short, and the consumable drill bit is expensive; some iron ring binding machines are scrapped even after a batch of work is completed, which is not practical.

5.  Fully consider the cost of use and maintenance. The use cost is long-term, it is more important than the purchase cost. In use, once the binding equipment fails and cannot be used, it will paralyze the work of the entire quick printing shop and cause great losses. No matter how cheap the equipment is, if it cannot work continuously, it will not bring benefits to the fast printing shop; no matter how expensive the imported equipment, if it cannot provide good service and timely spare parts supply, it will not bring profits to the fast printing shop.

6.  Standardization and specialization will help the fast printing shop go further. People without thought, he must worry about. Fast printing shops, especially chain stores, should consider standardization and specialization when purchasing post-press binding equipment. Although some binding work can be done manually, to ensure that customers can get the same quality products and services at any time and in any chain store, standardized equipment is required.

7.  The necessary equipment maintenance and operation training are indispensable. At the beginning, fast printing shops generally did not pay much attention to the selection and training of binding personnel, so the problem of machine damage often occurred due to improper operation or maintenance. Although the manufacturer has the responsibility to provide timely maintenance services, it may still be difficult to achieve 24-hour on-site service at any time. Therefore, it is recommended that the quick print shop conduct operation training for the operator before the equipment is installed. 

If possible, they should go to the equipment manufacturer for training, or the dealer has special equipment for training for customer training. Only when the operator has a clear understanding of the structure, adjustment and maintenance methods of the equipment, can the machine be used and maintained correctly. Some minor faults such as loose screws and improper adjustments can be solved by themselves after communicating with the maintenance personnel over the phone; Before on-site maintenance, personnel can judge the possible cause of the failure according to the situation described by the operator, carry the parts that need to be replaced and the necessary tools, so as to eliminate the failure in the shortest time.

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