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Points for purchasing post-press binding equipment in fast printing shops(1)

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With the increasing development of digital printing, on-demand printing technology and binding technology, fast printing shops around the world have risen rapidly. Investors in such fast printing shops are mostly photocopier sellers, advertising companies, design institutes, and IT professionals. They have little knowledge of post-press equipment and are prone to misunderstandings when purchasing. In fact, post-press binding is very similar to a footstep in a football game, and will have a decisive effect on the final result. In terms of input-output ratio, binding is also the largest. Once the post-press binding equipment is not selected properly, it will often become the "chicken rib" of the fast printing shop, leaving it useless and discarding it. Here are some suggestions for your reference when purchasing finishing equipment.

post-press binding equipment

1. Avoid blindly worshipping foreigners. At present, the imported post-press binding equipment involved in the fast printing industry in the domestic market includes CP.Bourg and Japan Easy to use. Such imported equipment is expensive, and there are not many fast printing shops that can buy these two products. Fast printing shops should not be blind to foreigners when purchasing post-press equipment. There are also post-press binding equipment suitable for the fast printing industry in China, which is not only cheap, but also capable of meeting users' requirements.

2. Don't trust the so-called experts. When shopping for finishing equipment, you should walk around and take a look. You should visit users recommended by sellers and the configuration of other stores in the industry, especially when you visit more developed cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Hangzhou. Of large shops, learn about the equipment they are using now. Don't trust the so-called expert recommendations, but look for binding equipment that suits your business.

3. Fully consider the service target. Different customer groups serve different post-press binding equipment. For example, if the design institute is the main service object, you should choose a perfect binder with a binding edge length of 420mm or more; if you have equipment such as Fuji Xerox color digital printing presses, you should consider a perfect binder that can bind coated paper. Great milling cutter perfect binding machine with good milling effect. In addition, it depends on whether it meets the requirements of the national standard and whether it can meet the requirements of continuous and frequent processing operations.

For another example, when choosing a paper cutter, consider not only the ability to cut the book block, but also the cover; if you have an inkjet printer, you should choose a larger-format and coarse-roller model when choosing a cold laminator; Hole machine, in addition to punching folders, it should also be able to punch tags, handbags and other special sizes and different apertures, so you should try to choose a punching machine with adjustable hole edges and hole spacing.

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