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Performance characteristics and precautions for use of automatic laminating machine

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Fully automatic laminating machine, also known as thermoforming machine, is used in paint-free door panels because of its simple workflow and powerful functions. Now paint-free door panels are widely used. Therefore, in the increasingly demanding market, attention should be paid to the use of automatic laminating machines.


First of all, before starting the automatic laminating machine, pay attention to clean the workbench and surrounding environment, wipe the forming mold clean, and carefully check the power button, control system, heating system and other components, and confirm that they are normal.

Secondly, before starting the automatic laminating machine, pay attention to the temperature for about 20 minutes, raise the temperature to the adsorption temperature suitable for the material, adjust the parameters suitable for the workpiece, and then it can work normally. However, it still needs to be heated continuously, because normal production needs to constantly add heat, and operators need to adjust different temperatures and parameters according to different materials and different workpieces.

When the automatic laminating machine is heating normally, pay attention to keeping a safe distance from the equipment to avoid danger.

Performance characteristics of automatic laminating machine

1. The appearance is high-grade and atmospheric, and the height and structure of the platform are designed to be convenient for workers to operate and clean. Multi-mode computer touch screen (HD), all sides of the platform are sealed with silica gel, using chromium nickel wire heating tube. Airtech pneumatic components, plus aluminum row heating, German constant temperature system, low power consumption.

2. High and low pressure point shock adsorption, high pressure acts as a pulse, low pressure is used to pump negative pressure, and finally use the point shock function to complete the final adsorption step by step. The pressure of the whole machine is twice as large as the negative pressure, the adsorption effect is good, the skin is not easy to break, the success rate is high, and it is safe to use.


Precautions in the use of automatic laminating machine

1. The power switch must be a power switch box with a ground wire to ensure safe power usage. It is best to use a dust-free workshop to ensure the effect before and after spraying. It is best to completely remove the dust on the equipment and workpieces before laminating to prevent film breaking or unsuccessful.

2. When the automatic laminating machine is running, it is forbidden to put hands or other objects in the bin to avoid danger.

3. When the equipment is running, do not disassemble the door panel of the chassis to avoid electric shock or other dangers.

4. When performing maintenance or inspection, you must ensure that the main power supply is cut off, and no live repair is allowed. The electrical system of the machine is well insulated to prevent moisture. When you stop using the machine, cut off the power to prevent accidents.

5. When maintaining or repairing the equipment, please handle with care when disassembling the heating tube to avoid damage.

6. When any oil contamination is found to flow out during inspection or maintenance, it should be removed to prevent the oil contamination from flowing into other parts and affecting the normal operation of the machine.

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