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Papers commonly used in publishing and printing(5)

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Chinese calligraphy and painting paper is the paper used for writing and painting with brushes, such as Yuanshu paper, rice paper, and rough paper. Yuanshu paper is made of bamboo, bark, rags, old hemp and straw and other plant fibers as raw materials. After soaking, cooking, natural bleaching, and grinding to make paper pulp, it is manually copied on the bamboo curtain to make paper, and then pressed dry After sticking on the fire wall and drying, the paper made is white (or slightly yellow), uniform and soft, easy to absorb ink, and will not change for a long time.

Rice paper is made of sandalwood bark and a small amount of rice straw pulp. Moth eaten. It is famous for its origin in Xuan city, Anhui. Unedged paper is a brush writing paper made of tender bamboo. It is light yellow in color and white in color. Both are made with bamboo curtains and used for printing ancient books, inscriptions, letterheads and fan.


Glossy paper is one-sided glossy paper for writing, office and promotional slogans. It can also be used for pasting paper boxes, packaging goods, printing calendars, letterheads and invoices, etc. It has a wide range of uses and is a commonly used thin paper. It used to be called office paper or snow lotus paper. There are three kinds of special number, No. 1 and No. 2, and the quantitative range is from 18 g/m² to 40 g/m². The quality requires uniform thickness, smooth paper surface, light sizing for easy writing, and certain water resistance. Colored glossy paper, also known as slogan paper, is mainly used for writing slogans!

Glossy paper mostly uses wood pulp, and some straw pulp can also be used. Glossy paper is white and bleached. It can be dyed into different colors according to product needs. Silica is used as a white pigment, and some waxes with a high melting point are added. The adhesive is preferably animal glue. After coating, it is made by repeated polishing on a grindstone polisher. There are also papers that are not coated and only rubbed with flint to achieve a waxy effect. It is mostly used for decoration, exquisite packaging and other occasions.

Cast coated paper, also known as glass powder paper, is a high-grade coated printing paper with a particularly smooth surface. It is coated on the base paper twice or once with a thick coating amount (20 to 39 grams per side). When the coating is in a wet state, the coated surface is closely attached to a highly polished chrome-plated dryer for heating and drying. It can be obtained at a speed of about 100 meters or lower, and the gloss is about 85, without calendering. Embossing the coated paper with a pattern roller can be made into cloth paper or chicken skin paper. Cast-coated paper is mainly used for printing covers, inserts and high-end paper boxes, while cloth paper and chicken paper are mostly used for printing calendars and business cards.

In addition to the above-mentioned conventional papers, some papers with special needs include super-sensitive paper, embossed paper, patterned paper, highly calendered paper, painting newspaper, etc. There are too many special paper classifications to introduce one by one.

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