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Papers commonly used in publishing and printing(3)

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Newsprint is also called white newspaper, which is the main paper used in newspapers and books. It is suitable for the main text of newspapers, periodicals, textbooks, comic strips, etc.

Features: The paper is loose and light, with good elasticity; good ink absorption performance, which ensures that the ink can be better fixed on the paper. After the paper is calendered, both sides are smooth and lint-free, so that the print on both sides is clear and full; it has certain mechanical strength; it has good opacity performance; it is suitable for high-speed rotary printing.

Common weight: The basis weight of newsprint specified by the national standard is 51g/m2, 48g/m2 and 46.5g/m2. But there are also different quantitative ones, because the lighter the grams, the more cost savings are.


Letterpress paper is the main paper used when printing books and magazines with letterpress. It is suitable for the main text of important works, scientific books, academic journals and textbooks of colleges and universities. Letterpress paper can be divided into four grades: No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 and No. 4 according to the different distribution ratios of paper materials. The number of paper represents the quality of the paper. The larger the number, the worse the paper quality.

The basis weight is 52 grams/square meter and 60/square meter. There are two types of roll paper and flat paper. The smoothness is 30 meters and the opacity is not less than 88%. Letterpress printing paper is a widely used book paper. It is slightly smoother than newsprint and has a longer shelf life. However, it is prone to lint and powder and is not suitable for printing books and periodicals by offset printing. Writing on this paper is easy to blur.

Yellow cardboard is for packaging. It is mainly used for the packaging of goods, the cover lining of paper boxes and book boxes. The quantitative range is 200 g/m² to 860 g/m². Commonly used are No. 8 420 grams, No. 10 530 grams, and No. 12 640 grams. Straw cardboard requires tight and strong quality, smooth paper surface, and certain mechanical strength and toughness.

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