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Papers commonly used in publishing and printing(2)

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White cardboard is a single-layer or multi-layer combined paper made entirely of bleached chemical pulping and fully sized. Generally, the basis weight is above 150g/㎡. The characteristics of this kind of cardboard are: high smoothness, good stiffness, neat appearance and good evenness.

Common uses: business card printing, certificates, invitations, covers, month calendars, post cards, etc.

Common weight: 200, 250, 300, 350, 400 grams of white cardboard are commonly used.

Advantages: thick enough and hard enough. The paper jam hardness is considered high in the same gram of paper. People who like thick cards will like this paper very much. The color is as convenient as coated paper, and it is also very colorful. The writing on the reverse side is easily erased immediately. The middle price is the best choice for postcard paper selection. High performance-price ratio and middle price.

Disadvantages: It is easy to scratch, from printing to writing, and daily contact, it is very easy to scratch the front side very ugly. Generally, high-grade cardboard will be coated to prevent scratches. Particularly black and dark ones will leave traces with a light touch. And it is irreparable. The wind is easy to change in the south wind, and the front is generally arched upward.


Offset printing paper is a relatively advanced book printing paper, which has higher requirements for printing ratio, stretch rate and surface strength. The acidity and alkalinity should also be close to neutral or weakly alkaline.

Common uses: suitable for printing monochromatic or multi-color book covers, texts, inserts, pictorials, maps, posters, color trademarks and various packaging products.

Common weight: 70, 80, 100, 120 grams, etc. are more commonly used.

Advantages: Offset printing paper has small elasticity, uniform ink absorption, good smoothness, tight and opaque texture, good whiteness, and strong water resistance.

Pearlescent paper is composed of three parts: bottom fiber, filler and surface coating. The surface is very smooth, thick, reflective and pearly.

Common uses: high-end picture albums, books, exquisite packaging, packing boxes, greeting cards, hanging tags, etc.

Common weight: 120, 250, 280 grams, etc. are more commonly used.

Advantages: Pearlescent paper has light specific gravity, good waterproof toughness, tear-proof, corrosion resistance, folding resistance, light resistance, no color change, unique texture, strong three-dimensional effect, and bright printing.

Disadvantage: The disadvantage is that the color printing effect is general (but pearl paper is used to print black and white drawings, and the effect is acceptable when it encounters a few color parts, so it does not matter). Another disadvantage is that it is not particularly easy to bond, and it needs to be fixed with the help of tweezers for a while, but it is still very strong after bonding.

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