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Nine elements of on-demand binding(1)

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In the various processes of packaging and printing, on-demand binding jobs are completely different from long-run and large-tome binding tasks. Binding on demand is more challenging. Timely organization of production and effective control of the production cycle are the basis for ensuring the successful completion of the work. Today, I will take you into on-demand binding and introduce the relevant content in detail.

Whether saddle stitching, perfect binding or spiral binding, there are different process requirements for layout and cut, and these requirements will affect the printing method. In addition, other binding processes, such as folding, gluing and laminating, also put forward corresponding requirements for the printing process. The following are some key questions.

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Perfect Binding

The texture of the paper is the key. In order to make the book after binding and finishing more beautiful and durable, the texture of the paper should be parallel to the direction of the spine. The proper texture may affect the layout design, although these designs are most suitable for rapid printing. For example, when printing duplexes on 228.6 mm×355.6 mm paper, we know that 228.6 TⅢ "l×355.6 mm paper is a very common size for fast printing, but for perfect binding That said, the texture of the paper is very likely to be inappropriate.

Properly sized margins are also very important for perfect binding. In addition to leaving about 4m more margins for milling back at the spine, at least 3mm margins should be left on the other three sides. In addition, leaving a certain amount of margins at the foot of the cover can prevent glue from leaking during the perfect binding process and sticking to the cover of the next book. In other words, the cover needs to use paper of a different size from the text.

Round hole binding

Leave enough margin for perforation on the side of the binding. For spiral bound books with a perforation ratio of 3:1 (that is, three holes per inch), the margins should be at least 10 mm. For a book bound with a spiral with a perforation ratio of 2:1, the margins should be at least 8 mm. It should be emphasized that the margin refers to the distance from the edge of the spine to the hole closest to the spine.

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Saddle stitch

Since saddle stitching can be produced by combining some relatively independent auxiliary equipment, it is generally considered to be the most economical and cost-effective method of binding. In Seaboard binding factory, we can combine paper, stapler, folding machine and paper cutter into an independent equipment process, and this process is the most ideal solution for short-run work and tight-cycle orders. Saddle stitching is most suitable for binding thinner books, such as reference manuals and product introductions.

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