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Little knowledge about hot melt adhesive in glue machine(2)

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Hot melt adhesive is a kind of thermoplastic material, which is greatly affected by environmental temperature and humidity after application. For example, when the temperature is high in summer, the glue is not easy to solidify and cool down, causing sticky tape, sticky knife, dirty book, deformation, etc. In winter, when the temperature is low, the glue will be cured in advance after being applied, shortening the opening time, resulting in weak bonding, uneven book back, and the glue forming a peak and nest shape, etc.

hot melt glue

In other areas, the humidity is too high, the booklet is not shaped after the cover is wrapped, and the back of the book is twisted and deformed. When the book is cut, the back of the book will wrinkle and break too much. In order to maintain the stability of the hot melt adhesive, the ambient temperature should be kept between 15℃~26℃, and the humidity should be kept around 50%.

Generally speaking, the temperature of the environment is low in winter, and the temperature of the glue can be adjusted higher; otherwise, it should be lowered in summer. In addition, the equipment configuration of glue binding will also have an impact on quality. In contrast, the quality stability and production efficiency accuracy of imported glue binding machines are better than those of domestic models.

Hot melt adhesive can be said to be a kind of "explosive" adhesive that is widely used but is rarely known by the public. It is widely used because I can find out several items containing hot melt adhesive from your side casually. It is said that it is not well-known, because most of them do not know that there is this kind of glue that needs to be heated to produce viscosity. For most people, hot melt adhesive is really "familiar and unfamiliar"!

The hot melt adhesive uses green environmentally friendly EVA and resin as raw materials, and conforms to the national health, EU export, and SGS agency testing and certification of green environmentally friendly materials. The product is formaldehyde-free, toluene-free, non-toxic and harmless. No corrosion and strong initial adhesion, it has become the first choice adhesive for furniture edge banding.

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