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Key Points for Quality Control of Cover Film of Books and Magazines(2)

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cover film of books

5. Temperature and humidity control

The environment temperature and humidity change greatly, and the paper absorbs moisture to produce "fluffy edges". The paper is easy to wrinkle when laminating, and the temperature and humidity should be kept in balance. If the heating roller temperature is too high, the tight edges of the paper will wrinkle, so the temperature should be controlled as required.

6. Paper feeding control

The skewed feeding of the paper will cause the paper to wrinkle, so be careful when operating, make the feeding of the paper even, the pressure on both sides of the same. When feeding paper, try to overlap each paper by 3mm, and control the amount of glue to prevent glue overflow. This can reduce the adhesion of products after being coated. If the joint is wrinkled or cavitation, the pressure should be increased appropriately while maintaining the temperature and humidity balance, so that the bonding is flat and the foaming is reduced.

7. Film roll control

Prevent wrinkles caused by inconsistent tightness on both sides of the film roll. First, choose a film with the same tightness on both sides, and then adjust the tension on both sides of the film to balance it and prevent wrinkles. When laminating, try to use a film with a book size plus a wide opening size, such as a large 16-format book, try to use a 44Omm wide film instead of a 460mm wide film, which can save 4% of the cost. When using a 780mm wide film for the 16-format book, trim the edges as much as possible to reduce the amount of glue and save glue.

8. Do not use additives in printing and control the amount of powder sprayed

Try not to use additives in the printing process, because they are not easy to dry and foam after being coated. And also need to control the amount of spray powder used. Before lamination, someone should be arranged to wipe off the powder spray on the cover to reduce the phenomenon of blooming or blistering of the lamination and make the product bright.

9. Speed control

During the laminating process, do not change the speed of the host at will. The speed is too fast and the gluing cannot meet the requirements. When the speed is increased slightly, the amount of glue is too large. If the speed is adjusted too low, the amount of glue will be reduced and foaming will be easy. In order to ensure that the amount of glue is basically the same, the speed of the laminating machine can be limited at 60% of the highest speed, so that each shift can run at the specified speed, and data management is implemented to reduce unnecessary losses.

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