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Key Points for Quality Control of Cover Film of Books and Magazines(1)

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Products that are coated on the surface of printed materials such as book and magazine covers often appear dark, blistering, and wrinkling. Now talk about the handling of common problems in operation.

Cover Film of Books

1. temperature control

In the rainy or rainy season, if the temperature is not adjusted properly, the coated product will not be bright. There is obvious water vapor on the silicone roller, which is caused by the paper absorbing a lot of water. At this time, the temperature of the hot pressing roller can be adjusted to 40 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is too high, it will foam. Some hydrosol laminating machines do not have a heating device, so it is necessary to add a baking lamp before pressing to dry the glue layer and reduce blistering.

2. Pressure control

The pressure should be adjusted according to the thickness of the paper when laminating, generally 5Pa. If the pressure is too high, film wrinkles and paper deformation will occur.

3. Glue control

The amount of glue is controlled by the gap between the glue roller and the glue roller, and the scraping film is also added. Squeegee film pressure is light and the amount of glue is large, and the pressure is small. The amount of glue must be controlled well, so that it can be applied firmly and evenly without producing crystal points. If the amount of glue is too large, the product will be dull. Pay attention to the glue in the process, be sure to prevent the small particles and impurities after the glue solidified from being left in the glue tray. 

If it is stuck on the scratch film, a white offset print will be produced, causing linear blisters. Before starting the machine, use an alcohol solvent to clean the sizing roller and hopper. If the sizing roller is not cleaned, it will cause needle-eye bubbles. The glue containing impurities can be diluted with water. After the impurities have settled, they can be used as a diluent to reduce the waste of glue.

4. Drum cleaning

When the paper is separated, the glue will be directly rolled on the silica gel roller, causing accumulation, which is easy to wrinkle the product or affect the brightness of the product. The roller should be cleaned frequently to keep it clean. The roller will also wrinkle when it is uneven and needs to be replaced.

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